Dushko Jordanovski


Some stuff I've made over the last X years. A lot of it is outdated most likely, but whatever.

Gravity flowers

A simplistic and (probably wrong) physics engine that spins a bunch of dots in 2D space simulating gravity. You can control the mass, initial speed and initial distance between the dots and see where they end up.

The cool idea was to draw lines connecting pairs of dots as they move which ended up rendering interesting images. You can also save the image by righ-clicking the generated snapshot on the right.

Check it out here

IGoogle clone (eyegee)

Back in 2013 or so, Google decided to discontinue IGoogle, which was my homepage at the time so I had to build my own because what was on the internet was too bloated. I only recreated the functionality I used from it and it doubled as an Angular learning exercise. It also made me realize that Angular 1 is not a great framework.

I still use it as my homepage, and you're free to use it too

The H4 Platform

This is a presentation I gave in late 2018 at H4. It's purpose was to explain system design and software abstractions to our bizdev guys and the board of directors and lay the conceptual groundwork for the next phase of the H4 platform.

Unfortunately most of the presentation is in the talk that I gave with it, but I still think the scriwdriver analogy is a pretty good one when it comes to modular design and abstractions.

Have a look at it here