Dushko Jordanovski


Dushko's self-isolation blog: Day 1

This blog series is dedicated to my good friend Sara Sollors. I will write about my 2 week self-imposed isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I just landed from London and my government has issued an order that I need to stay at home for 14 days because the UK is, according to our ministry of health, a "medium risk" country. Really, this just means that the UK is slightly more infested than Macedonia, but I think that there was a tiny bit of satisfaction to get back at them for having a super expensive visa regime towards us.

When I traveled to London 4 days ago the situation was ... waveable away. Optimistic as I am, I did not expect that Macedonia, of all places, would pose travel restrictions to the UK, but there you go.

As soon as we landed back in Skopje, UK got hit by our governmental banhammer and passengers arriving from there will be sent back. This clip is a good depiction of how I felt:


Then I learned that our government is not that crazy after all and the ban is only valid for foreign passengers, but still - had we arrived a day later we might have been put in a non-self-imposed isolation which I don't think has WiFi.

Anyway - feels good to be back, would have been terrible to be stuck in the UK or in a Macedonian quarantine. Not the least because, if not corona, then my wife would have definitely killed me so she can dance the "I told you so" dance on my grave. She did tell me not to go.

Also - No symptoms. I am healthy. Stay tuned.