Dushko Jordanovski


Dushko's self-isolation blog: Day 3

This is the first work day from quarantine. I used to work from home before my son was born, so this kind of reminded me of that, except that I used to be able to get outside the room without being dragged into a toy circus tent.

I did a bunch of meetings, did some work and enjoyed the sunshine on the balcony. Then we went for a walk with my family, making sure we stay quite a bit away from other people, which was quite easy since there's fery few of them on the streets.

We declared Work From Home for everyone in the company and the offices will shut down. Let's hope the internet providers and Google's infrastructure work well.

Online markets in Skopje (the whole two of them) seem to have huge trouble keeping up with demand. Our order is supposed to arrive on Wednesday (!). I think that online grocery shopping will become mainstream after this - there's a booming sector in the recession to follow.

At this point I'm starting to think about how long is this gonna last and what's the world going to look like once it's over. A few interesting things I read today are:

  1. Europe closes borders, state of emergency declared in Spain.
  2. Serbia's Vucic asking China for help.
  3. China sending 200 ventilators to Macedonia.

China seems to be able to handle stuff and most people respect that more than culture or ideals. Stuff is more obvious during crisis. People will feel better towards China after this one.

I took the trash out in the evening. It felt almost like I was in a German town - nobody was on the street at 10PM. There was some trash thrown around the dumpsters as a reality check.